July 15, 2016

PEOL Group - a reliable partner in trade and investment activities between the EU, Asia and Ukraine

In summer 2016, a new company entered the investment and export markets of Ukraine — PEOL Group. The founders are owners of two successful companies which showed themselves as well established businesses in investment fields — Idea To Life and InVenture Investment Group — run by Igor Petrov and Aleksey Oleynikov respectively.
According to the founding shareholders, the company's key areas of activities will be exports of goods manufactured in Ukraine to the European and Asian countries and providing support in entering the markets; as well as attracting of investments into Ukrainian economy from foreign entities and private persons.
With these very purposes in mind, PEOL Group plans to establish offices in the EU, Asia, and America.

“Lately, we have noticed a steady trend of an increasing demand from our long established clients looking for advice and consultations on entering new markets in the EU and Asia. The customer queries did not concern advice about certification or foreign market research, but they looked after assistance in finding specific customers, managing logistics, and attracting funds to finance their foreign economic transactions. That is, the full range of activities with the ultimate goal for domestic products to be shelved in the supermarkets (or delivered to a foreign whole seller’s warehouse) in a chosen country. Given, all of the major partners of Idea To Life were workers of the leading international corporations. They have accumulated a unique experience in various foreign markets of the EU, Asia and America. It has become natural to launch a new enterprise with the corresponding set of activities. For more than ten years of operations we have implemented several import oriented business projects. Likewise we know how to organize distribution in foreign markets, and subsequently we came up to exports. Together with Alexey we decided to start an office in the territory of the EU, which is the most promising market for Ukrainian producers. If one wishes to be successful at some new markets, he has to be present there in real", pointed out the managing partner and founder of PEOL Group Mr. Igor Petrov in the corporate press release.

“The idea is very timely so as to establish a company that would be addressing the full range of the related issues of export-import operations and combine international investment activities. Ukrainian companies are in a position of urgent need to capturing new markets and attracting additional sources of financing, or finding safe and high-yielding investment fields abroad. The acquired competence from InVenture Investment Group in the field of investment consulting together with the successful experience of Idea To Life on foreign markets for tangible goods and capital markets will form a joint asset for a new company PEOL Group affording new opportunities for our customers. Broad awareness of the availability of attractive investment assets in the world scene along with the identification of new places of economic growth and understanding of the philosophy of different businesses will be the result for raising and maintaining capital of our clients", said the founder and Managing Partner of InVenture Investment Group Mr. Alexey Oleynikov in a press release dedicated to the deploying of PEOL Group.

For reference

The team of investment company Idea To Life for more than a decade of its history implemented and independently financed several dozen of business projects in various areas of the economy - from agriculture to automotive, from the FMCG sector to its own retail network.
For more details visit — www.idea-to-life.com

InVenture Investment Group is a reliable and trusted partner in Private Equity and Venture Capital market in Ukraine. The company activities relate to investment projects funding, business for sale in various industries, development and implementation of investment strategy, and private banking. The company completed more than 20 M&A deals and investment funding of projects. The company runs the largest investment portal in Ukraine — https://inventure.com.ua. For more details visit — http://inventure.ua